Access Recovery

The professional community of Access Recovery Toolbox (download) development releases the solution for the restoration of damaged Access databases therefore you can actually keep MDB databases in safety by protecting corrupted data and rebuilding good items.

Keep in mind there is no open source version of this program therefore users are unable to modify the settings of data restoration engine, do not try to understand how to improve the engine of Access file repair utility and simply follow the guidelines of Access Recovery Toolbox until it moves to the previewing. At this stage, the users of Access Recovery Toolbox software can evaluate the efficiency of analysis and take a look which data is successfully restored and can be exported into a clean file of the same format. Please also note that GNU and GPL versions are not supported so you should try the proprietary license, offered by the development team.

MS Access Recovery

Try Access Recovery Toolbox as a good alternative to expensive data recovery services and avoid regular backups, it does not make sense if you have too many documents to protect. This application offers a better solution for the restoration of corrupted MDB and ACCDB files and you can apply this program only when it is really needed as soon as the damage occurred. In the same time, Access Recovery Toolbox may be helpful even if you have a copy of corrupted database, in this case the software permits recovering the latest changes that were committed after the backup procedure.

You should not read guidelines and try to find out how the application works, the engine of database restoration is optimized to the highest efficiency and you can reproduce the process in two clicks so it is really easy even for new and not experienced users.